Starting a Deck Garden

Organic Foods on the Rise

Organic foods and their healthy benefits have been increasing in popularity steadily over the last ten years. According to a Roper survey released in 2016, 40% of Americans planned on making organic food a bigger part of their diets this past year. In fact, U.S. organic food sales hit record sales for the first time in 2015, accounting for nearly 5% of total food sales in the U.S.

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Who to notify when moving

Considerations when moving homes

Moving can become overbearingly stressful if you overlook even one part of the move. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead for all of the moving parts that are involved with moving to a new neighborhood. When moving, you have to consider packing, halting your daily habits, adjusting to a new location, finding new favorite restaurants and grocery stores, enrolling in new schools or gyms, and much more. With all of these major considerations, it’s easy to forget the little things, like thinking about who to notify about your change of address when moving.

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Best Places to Camp in Virginia

Camping in Virginia

Every year, millions of Virginians and tourists indulge in Virgina’s beautiful, natural wonders. There are over 100 public and private campgrounds around Virginia, with more and more families and nature-lovers exploring the woods every year. The National Parks system operates 28 alone but private campgrounds are also growing in popularity in recent years.

Virginia has a lot to offer, which can explain the high interest level in hiking, camping, canoeing, and other outdoor activities. There are endless opportunities once spring comes around and families begin to search for campgrounds in Virginia. Different areas of Virginia offer varying activities. From hiking trails up the Shenandoah Mountains to beachside fishing, one weekend of camping is not enough to experience them all.

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Why Buying A Home This Summer Is a Really Smart Move

You might be wondering:

Is summer really the best time to buy a house? Many people think of summer and immediately think of planning a beach vacation, not home buying.

The real estate market can be tricky, and knowing the right time to buy gets you the best house available for the lowest price. With dozens of factors coming into play, you need to consider every angle before beginning your search.

People typically start the home buying process during the spring. When summer arrives, the home buying mindset has died down, leading to a quiet real estate season.

Here are a few reasons to take advantage of the summer slump and consider purchasing a home this summer.

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Home Space

Whether you live in a small bungalow where every inch counts or reside in a sprawling four-bedroom manor, knowing how to make the most out of your home space is important. Cluttered, dingy spaces produce a stifling, unwelcoming environment. To free up space and open more available area in your rooms, try these space-saving tips that turn your house into a more charming, inviting home.

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