How to Make the Most Out of Your Home Space

Whether you live in a small bungalow where every inch counts or reside in a sprawling four-bedroom manor, knowing how to make the most out of your home space is important. Cluttered, dingy spaces produce a stifling, unwelcoming environment. To free up space and open more available area in your rooms, try these space-saving tips that turn your house into a more charming, inviting home.

Bright Lights, Bigger Living

Dark, unlit areas seem small and cramped, creating a claustrophobic living environment. Open up your house with bright, abundant lighting. Place lamps throughout the home and hang chandelier-style lighting from ceilings. You can always tone down lighting to set a mood, but having the lighting installed allows you to brighten up your living space, making the home seem much larger.

Mirrors help reflect light and brighten up living areas. You can place large mirrors strategically throughout dark rooms to make the most of your home’s existing natural light.

Another way to bring light into your home is through large, uncovered windows. Remove heavy drapes that block out the light and opt for light, airy curtains instead. The extra sunlight illuminates every open inch of space, producing the impression of a much larger space.

Utilize Vertical Storage Space

If your home has tray or cathedral style ceilings, you can utilize the additional vertical space for storage. These ceilings create visual depth that makes the rooms feel much larger. Make the most out of these tall ceilings with a few simple storage modifications.

Build bookcases that stretch from floor to ceiling, or try adding cupboards above the entertainment center. Though commonly ignored when it comes to counting square feet, the extra vertical space can be used for storage, opening up the available space in your home.

Instead of filling open wall space with art and pictures, use some of the available space for extra shelving. The more storage space you create on the walls, the fewer belongings you have to store on the floor. These shelves can be used for books and other odds and ends in your home that take up available space.

To make the kitchen seem even bigger, put glass doors on the cabinet. The clear panes draw the eye all the way to the walls, making the space appear bigger.

Double Duty Furniture

Furniture pieces made with built-in storage space serve two functions and increase the available floor space. These furniture pieces typically have hidden storage, such as beds with built-in drawers or ottomans that open to reveal a stowing space. Use bed storage for extra linens or clothing. Place blankets and quilts inside of your ottoman to be used during chilly nights.

Another way to make the most out of your home space is to find furniture that can be folded up and stored. Some kitchen tables have removable pieces, allowing you to expand the table when you have company or keep it small for everyday use. If your guest room is smaller, find a couch that unfolds to reveal a hidden guest bed. Furniture can always be moved for company, but when these pieces are not needed, they can be put away to open up extra space in your home.

Clean Out Clutter

Clutter makes a home feel cramped and tiny. Clean out the clutter to open up your living areas. Plan a yearly cleaning spree to keep unnecessary junk from building up. Whether you tend to keep dozens of outdated magazines or collect antique furniture pieces, set aside time to go through your belongings to pick which things you want to keep and what can be donated or given to friends and family.

By designating a set time each year to sift through your belongings, you avoid accumulating clutter in your home. This annual process opens up space in your home, making the most out of the available space.


To make the most out of your home space, remember that less is often more. Take stock of your possessions and consider what you absolutely need and what items you can probably live without. By thinking about your belongings individually, you can be honest about what you really need in your home. Add extra lighting to brighten up your home space and install extra shelving on available wall space. By clearing out the clutter and reorganizing your home with built-in storage furniture pieces, you make the most out of the space and create an open, beautiful living area.

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