8 Reasons to Relocate Outside of Washington, D.C.

The nation’s capitol boasts a population of over 650,000, but with expensive real estate costs, many prospective homeowners prefer living outside of Washington, D.C. Commuting from nearby residential areas, such as Fredericksburg, allows workers to hold jobs in the city and still have a beautiful home that costs much less than the pricey capitol real estate. Plus, the fast pace of the city discourages many potential homeowners from buying inside the District. Relocating to areas outside of the city brings a slower, more manageable pace, with all of the perks just a short drive away.

Washington, D.C.’s endless entertainment, fine dining options, and high paying job opportunities draw people from around the world. Plus, excellent educational systems and an emphasis on community living make Washington D.C. a great environment for raising a family. But living in the city can be exhausting due to the hectic page of the capitol. Here are eight reasons to consider buying a home near this cultural mecca. 

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How to Buy a New House While Selling Your Old One

Buying a new house while selling your old one is a tricky balancing act. Figuring out the right point to sign papers on a new home adds stress to the already difficult decision of leaving a home you may have been living in for decades. Before you consider buying or selling, consider these options to ensure you have everything in order for your next move.

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10 Quick Tips for Maintaining Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are beautiful; classy; and, with proper care, durable. Still, many homeowners mistreat their floors, resulting in knotty, beat-up planks and diminished resale value.

Maintaining hardwood floors is actually quite simple. Here are a few key tips and tricks from Hazel Homes for keeping your floors in great shape

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2014 Easter Egg Hunts near Fredericksburg

Spring is in full swing, and Easter is fast approaching. Should you choose to celebrate, Fredericksburg and nearby areas have a variety of egg hunts planned for you and your family. Read More

How to Buy a Generator for Your New Home

You know what they say about April showers. While spring storms bring about lovely blooms later, they also have the potential to knock out your home’s electricity. Do you have a plan for when the power goes out? Does it include reading by candlelight? Or, would you rather have a backup generator and enjoy the baseline comforts of your home?

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